LANGUAGE : LOVE OR LOGICAL. ~ Life Goes On......
7:23 PM | Author: Enthusiast
Well,what is a language?Lets not go by literal meaning.Lets see language with perspectives of life.There are 2 types of language ;logical language and love language.There are basic difference between them.Logical language is aggressive,argumentative and violent.If you use logical language,you become aggressive upon others mind.You try to convince him or her,to convert him and make a puppet of  him.You say "My argument is right and you are wrong".Logical language is egocentric;I'm right and you are wrong.I am not concerned with you,I'm concerned with my ego.My ego is always right.Love language is totally different.You say"I'm not  concerned with my ego;I'm concerned with you.I'm not concerned to prove something,to strengthen my ego.I'm concerned to help you.Its a compassion to help you grow,to help you to transform, to help you to be reborn.Secondly logic will always be intellectual.Concepts and principles will be significant,and so the arguments will be significant.With love language,what is said is not so significant rather it is the way it is said.Its a heart to heart talk not mind to mind discussion.Its not a debate,it is a communication.A language of a person be at home or at job,really unravels his or her  personality.Language  may be a ladder to success or may be a pit fall for you....
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