REBELLIOUS MIND ~ Life Goes On......
Life Goes On......: REBELLIOUS MIND
1:48 AM | Author: Enthusiast

Anxiety is nervous feeling caused by fear that something bad is going to happen.Worry,fear and anxiety are all symptoms of a rebellious mind.Such a mind gives great pain to its owner.Mind will remain the greatest enemy of person who has no control over it.One can get anxious about many things.The most common are losing ones body,health,money,possessions,relatives,friends,comforts what one enjoys.... One can also get anxious about changes one is forced to make in one's life including those which relate to one's job,place of stay,habits etc....Future  prospects in terms of money,position,health etc.... can also cause  a great deal of anxiety.Rather than being in control of their minds as it should be,anxious people are controlled by their minds.So some resort to drinking and sex.Diverting mind by various way like watching t.v, being with friends,becoming busy,doing something etc... helps to get over anxiety.Anxious people are generally not spiritual ie they lack higher knowledge of soul and god.They assume that they are in fact bodies which being material are destructible.This give rise to anxiety since material body can be lost anytime.
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