REALISM ~ Life Goes On......
Life Goes On......: REALISM
11:13 PM | Author: Enthusiast
Being neat in dress,clean in talk,reading what the world wants and addressing the people the way they love to be called is way to become leader.Discipline yourself to what masses desires,preach,believe and think.Power of a leader is not in his will as adamant hard nut but as the most flexible,adaptable and self adjusting genius who speaks for people according to their aspirations,wishes and likes.If you want to do a thing see your exact requirements and as to whether the thing you want is useful now or in near future.Is the thing on which you invest your time,worth it?Is it going to be useful?What sells?What gets you more marks?What pays?What is good for exams?What works?What does the job?What satisfies the requirements?This reality questions help you to judge the worth of a proposition to you.
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