Step Up A Ladder Of Sucess ~ Life Goes On......
Life Goes On......: Step Up A Ladder Of Sucess
Step Up A Ladder Of Sucess
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Success is not measured by position reached but by the obstacles crossed.This struggle gives man strength and confidence which are lacking in the man who had an easy way up. Have great faith in hard work,sincerity and dedication,that in long run its merit would be recognised and get its reward.Give your career a strong foundation to help u enter into any challenging job.Accelerate ur growth in ur profession.Only hard work will help get u the all round knowledge required to do well in ur job.Change the world around u and grab the tremendous opportunity to grow.Set ur eyes on the path which has not been traversed by others.In the process we enlivened our creativity eternally.Years of incessant toil and perseverance along with an extensive creativity and new found jeal went into,finally emerge as multifaceted and unique contender or competitor.The core competence lies in delivering world class integrated services with an inherent interactivity ease of use.For this u ought to be expertise in ur own subject or profession.Believe in constant innovation and developing high end technology and services.Be responsible,work with a committed and friendly team.Take key role in the dynamic institution with genuine international career opportunities.Be a champion in ur field.U must blaze the trails at the regional,national and international level.Lead the way with ur passion to win.Be a winner.Remember opportunity are only for trendsetters,go..getter and leaders who think and do differently.Don't let this opportunity become a lost chance.The re silence,the never say die temper,to stumble but never to fall,must become the part of culture.Refusing to believe does mean that these things doesn't exist.Score the winning goal stop waiting for applause,let there be deafening silence.Set ur own standards.Mark ur goals.Then reinvent the meaning of achievement,performance and result everyday.The day is ur then.

The article has been extracted from " You Can Win " a book by Shiv Khera
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